Having earned a degree in Philosophy, Michaël Roulier quickly turned his attention to Photography. He worked on a multitude of campaigns for prestigious luxury brands before discovering his true passion for culinary photography. This led him to collaborate with renowned Chefs on a variety of culinary books while still exploring other aspects of photography and experimental video – driven by his insatiable love of art.
Philippe Lhomme studied under sculptor Etienne Martin at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris before going to the ESAG Penninghen where he studied drawing, graphic art and photography. Passionate about contemporary art as well as his own artistic research, he has been working for over twenty years as a freelance creative director for agencies -directing his first films in the process.
Already in charge of the brand image for Picard frozen foods, Michael and Philippe decided to create Foodfilm in order to fill the brand’s video needs.
Shortly after, they were commissioned to direct films for other important food brands such as Danone, Boursin, Carte Noire, Entremont, Seb and Unilever – establishing themselves through sensual images with a natural sophistication.

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