Born inside a walled city in North England, Michael Humphrey is a prolific visual storyteller with one eye on comic timing and the other on cinematic technique.

This results in a strange look on his face but means he is at home directing talent as he is experimenting with visual techniques. He has a keen eye for casting and a dedicated understanding of the actors’ craft, resulting in memorable performances. Elegant cinematography and unconventional art direction are hallmarks of his visual style.

He has recently returned to the UK after a couple of years honing his reel in Australia and New Zealand. Humphrey’s portfolio of work spans commercials, experiential activations, short films and music videos.

A Cannes Young Director nomination in 2014 was a strong start to his commercials career. This year’s success has been with his Jaguar Activation Film, which was nominated for a multitude of awards at the CAANZ Axis Awards as well as picking up Gold, Silver and Bronze at Cannes and a Pencil at D&AD.

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