James is a writer/director, who can edit… but would rather not! He has made a documentary, a couple of short films, a few pop videos, and a couple of hundred TV promos (mostly for 4Creative), where he was until recently, based for 8 years. Leaving the warm embrace of 4Creative behind, James set out on his own, working on projects for Reebok, Jaguar, Sony, Blackberry and Nestle. And that’s where Indy8 found him, scooped him up and invited him to his new home.

His philosophy is to keep busy, and to keep learning, so as well as training for a marathon of the wine regions of Medoc, organising 50 people to take part in this years London triathlon dressed as Boris Johnson, he is writing a feature film, co-running a boutique post house in Soho, working on 2 documentary ideas plus, anything you want him to do for you (well, almost anything).

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