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Films and fiction are the protagonists of the FILM&TV CONTENT division, run by fellow Senior Executive Producers, Maurizio Coppolecchia and Stefano Bonfanti and with the collaboration of Allegra Nasi, Associate Producer.

FILM&TV CONTENT was set up with the objective of merging advertising, film and television content to deliver high-level productions, thanks to its consolidated experience in film-making including the co-production of one of Italy’s most award-winning films “Il Divo”, directed by Paolo Sorrentino.

For the film industry once again, FILM&TV CONTENT produced all of the film sequences in New York city for Molaioli’s feature “Il Gioiellino” (The Jewel) and the short movie “La Partita Lenta”, sponsored by Intesa Sanpaolo bank and directed by Paolo Sorrentino.