Sebastian Reed was born in Stockholm/Sweden

His interest for commercials, film and photography started, as he was 13 years old and hanging around and assisting his brother that is a fashion photographer. He then moved on after school and worked at one of Swedish biggest postproduction company for two years.

After realized that he wanted to go in to directing he quit and started editing commercials and direct music videos for Swedish band as The Cardigans and many others.

In 2002 Sebastian and some friends started a production company called Camp David Film and still is in the business and one of the biggest in Sweden. Later in the 2004 Sebastian was chosen in board magazine and Clio awards one of the most promising young director.

In the same year Sebastian was also nominated in young directors award in Cannes with 4 films.

Since Sebastian started to direct commercials he has won and been nominated for several films in Cannes Lion, Clio, Eurobest, Guldagget and many more.

Sebastian has directed over 200 commercials over the years for brands like: VW, Volvo, Mercedes Bens, Mitsubishi, KIA, Nike, Puma, Reebok, IKEA, Ge Money bank, Snickers, Footlocker, Pepsi and many more.

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