Jean-Claude Thibaut’s first foray into film directing was with experimental short films featuring a soundtrack done by Philippe Cohen-Solal, leader of The Gotan project. After completing this film, which received much acclaim, he was approached by Armani to shoot a fragrance commercial.
Thibaut as a film director explores and defines his particular fascination with women, but also his wider response to people, places, history and situations. His style combines chic seduction with sexual shock-tactics and embraces the glamour and twist seen in his portraits of the beautiful, the talented and the notorious…Naomi Campbell, Catherine Zeta-Jones , Sophie Marceau, Antonio Banderas…
Thibaut purposefully forces his viewers to feel and not just passively observe his work. Classical narrative casualities are dissolved in favour of expressive abstraction.
In 2007, he has founded AdvancedRoom, a film production for art, fashion and luxury industries.

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