Though the world of integrated production is fairly young, it has its more senior explorers. Anders Hallberg is one of them. He’s the director behind the acclaimed campaigns “Dream Kitchen” and “Behind the Closet” for Ikea and "" for sprint as well as the interactive experience for Absolut Vodka's, "I'm here".
Anders was 18 when he started working on a film set and he has never looked back. Since, he has made hundreds of music videos and a slew of commercials. He has been working on documentaries and is always exploring his stills photography. Anders is a true craftsman and a bit of a technical geek. He understands the entire chain of production and because of this, he’s able to solve any technical challenge, making productions looking fantastic while breaking new ground. He’s great when direction people too. If you don’t believe us, go ask common, Dita Von Teese or Dustin Hoffman.

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