South African comedic specialist and performance Director, Bevan Cullinan, has been shooting films internationally for more than 15 years. His background in physical theatre training and stand-up comedy has supported his skill across many hilarious campaigns.

Bevan’s artistic and technological relevance transcends language and culture, translating his ability to extract strong performances from actors in a variety of contexts. He has directed talent and crew in Cape Town, Prague, Milan, Budapest, Jakarta and Dubai which has made him highly flexible and adaptable. He can work dialogue in any language.

Bevan has directed music videos for South African music exports including The Graeme Watkins Project, Original Swimming Party and The Dirty Skirts. He has claimed many International Promax awards in LA and New York for several TV company campaigns and presented at the annual Promax Awards in Sydney Australia.

Bevan was a famous Stand-up Comedian and is often relied upon by clients to develop their scripts further for campaigns to ensure their comedic success and is known as the comedy ‘fix-it’ man. He writes his own treatments, doing much of the research for his campaigns himself.

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